Have you ever had a horrible haircut?

The other day I took my wife for Valentines Day to Regis Salon to surprise her with a nice haircut.  She almost started crying because she was happy.  However, it took me some very hard planning to pull this off.

However, I love my wife and I would do anything for her.

So when we went to Regis Salons, I knew she would love it and I would too because Regis Salon prices are probably the cheapest you’ll get for the quality.  She didn’t know it but I only ended up paying around $30.00.

She was able to get an amazing haircut while I was able to save me a bunch of money.  She knows I am always on a hunt for great deals and she knew I must have struck a good deal on Regis Salon prices.

Beauty Salon (2)

Another great part of Regis Salon is the hours they offer and the plenty of locations you;ll find.  They are everywhere!